Ant Mary's Pest Control

  People vary in their tolerance for pests that periodically invade our homes and cause us some level of discomfort.  The need for monthly, every other month or quarterly pest control service is a matter of your personal preference and your perception of what is (and is not) a problem.  Ultimately, the decision on whether you need a routine pest control service is a matter of what you feel is needed to make your home or business a comfortable and relatively "pest free" environment.

  Although you may prefer a "do- it- yourself" approach to pest control, there are situations where the job is best left in the hands of a pest management company. 

  Good communication  helps prevent misunderstandings and problems. The pest control professional that services your home or business considers you to be a valued customer and is there to help you.  Never hesitate to ask questions about the service you are receiving, about the chemicals being used, or to get advice about what you should be doing to help keep insect problems from occurring.  A good company wants to know when a customer is not satisfied so they can correct the problem and provide the type of service you want and expect.

  With Ant Mary's your service plan will be tailored around your own pest control needs .    


Call for a quote today.        (505) 304-1509      Mary Shappee - Owner/Operator

  Price's vary on service plans.  Monthly, every other month, quarterly and one time service plans available.  Green, Eco friendly service available as well.

Payment due at time of service.